AMLO ‘Persona Non Grata’ – Peruvian Congress Commission

AMLO ‘Persona Non Grata’ – Peruvian Congress Commission

The Foreign Relations Commission of the Peruvian Congress approved on Monday the motion declaring Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador ‘persona non grata.’

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«With 11 votes in favor, the Foreign Relations Commission approved the motion that rejects the statements of the president of Mexico, Andres López Obrador, and declares him persona non grata,» the Congress said via Twitter.

It added that the motion will now be passed to the Plenary of the Congress for a decision on the matter, in accordance with Article 68 of the Congress’ Rules of Procedure.

The decision is due to AMLO’s criticism of Dina Boluarte’s government, the imprisonment of Pedro Castillo, as well as the recent authorization for the US Department of Defense military to enter the country.

El jueves 18 de mayo, el #PlenoDelCongreso aprobó el Proyecto de Resolución Legislativa 4766, enviado por el Ejecutivo, para que 70 militares del Departamento de Defensa de los EE.UU. ingresen al territorio nacional, con la finalidad de realizar actividades de cooperación con las…

— Congreso del Perú ���� (@congresoperu)
May 22, 2023

On Thursday, May 18, the Plenary of Congress approved Legislative Resolution 4766, sent by the Executive, so that 70 soldiers from the United States Department of Defense may enter the national territory to carry out cooperation activities with the Peruvian military, air and police forces.

According to the President, this is «an interventionist policy» of the U.S. government that «does not help at all.»

AMLO said he was proud «that those who act in this way declare me [persona] non grata, but it is not correct. Once again, badly advised and the U.S. government should not abuse.»

AMLO has considered Boluarte’s administration a coup d’état and called the government’s practices against the Peruvian people an abuse.

He advocates for Castillo’s freedom and his reinstatement as president of Peru so that the Peruvian people can choose the future of the country in general elections.


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